Frequently Asked Questions

For Candidates

How do I apply?

We provide two options for applying . You apply either online at (job page link) or contact you nearest Akiz Office and set up an appointment with us !

In what industries does Akiz provide jobs?

We have jobs available in a variety of industires including construction, general labour, information technology and skilled trades.

How long does my Job Contract last?

Contracts can span a variety of lengths. It may be for 1 year, 2 years or even longer. At the moment, We offer both temporary and full-time jobs.

How soon will I get a job once when I apply through Akiz ?

Our main priority is get you working as soon as possible. Although, this is mainly based on the number of positions that our clients have available.

Will I need to attend an Interview ?

Absolutely! We would like to meet you as soon as possible! . Once when you complete your application and if you meet the necessary requirements you will be contacted by our branch
recruiter who will set up a time for you to complete the assessments and to interview with us

Do you have a minimum and maximum age requirement to work?

Yes, all interested Job Aspirants must fall within the age group of 18-45

What If I am unable to Join Work?

If you are unable to join your work. You must contact your Akiz Consultant so that we can let the client know and if required arrange a replacement for you. The earlier we know about it, the much easier it will be for us to deal with the situation. As your recruiter, it is mandotary for us to know to know for an employee being unable to join work.

How do I contact you outside office hours ?

We operate between the times of 10AM and 6 PM. If you are available during these times do
call the office number of your closest AKIZ branch . If not do write us to (Company email)

For Employers

Where do you get your candidates ?

At Akiz We Employ several recruit strategies in order to find the right candidate for you the first time , every time !. We have a referral-based system that rewards our field employees for referring other qualified candidates. Moreover, we also utilise industry-leading experts and power of the internet in recruiting well qualified candidates.

How do we conduct Pre-Employment Screenings ?

We are completely aware that the needs of each of our employer’s are completely different from one another . At Akiz we’re equipped to handle many sorts of pre-employment evaluations from conducting job-knowledge tests and cognitive ability tests to conducting psych metric tests and many more !

Do all candidates go through your screening process ?

Definetly ! All candidates will go through our screening process. We have standard operating procedures that do not give room for shortcuts whatsoever !

What if there are performance issues with the concerned employee ?

Should there any concern in regard to the employee’s performance you may notify about this to Akiz . In such cases, Akiz shall work closely with the employee in correcting the area’s concering his/her performance and with the customer’s help, develop an action plan in due accordance . Under any circumstances, should an action plan not be an option. Akiz shall work with the concerned employer in finding them a different candidate for the job!